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What our customers are saying...


Here at Katie's Cafe we have had a great response from the uCoupon Book. Our favorite element is the amount of new customers that it brings to the door.  We are a well established restaurant in the community but our biggest challenge is competing with the bigger chains and their national advertising programs. uCoupon is perfect for a small, family run business like ours. It penetrates to the heart of the community and reaches new people that won't just be new customers but life long friends.

Rick Jessop, Owner

Katie's Café


We have been advertising with uCoupon for over a year now and I am very pleased with the response we get. We ask every customer "how did you hear about us?" and I am amazed at how many reply "The uCoupon Book".  If you want to increase business through advertising, uCoupon is a valuable tool.

Rick O'Brien, Sales Manager

Stillman's Tree Service



I wanted to write you and let you know how very pleased I am to be advertising in the uCoupon Book. I have advertised in quite a few publications over the years, and your book has the best response numbers of anything I have used. I make a point to ask my customers
how they found us and almost all of them respond “that little coupon book” with a smile on their face. Now that my business has moved, it is especially important for us to reach our previous customers, as well as new customers, with our current location. Your publication does that for us. Even though your rates are certainly reasonable, having uCoupon achieve the results it has is as they say “Priceless.”

Mary Kay, Owner

Plus Sizes & More Consignment



THIS BOOK WORKS! Mr. Peter Celentano has done such a great job with my ads in the uCoupon booklets. I couldn't be more pleased with my results. For the small amount I pay monthly, the return is more than double fold. My business has really taken off since I started advertising with uCoupon.

Remmington Miller, Owner

Remmington Carpet & Tile Cleaning



As the owner of the 1st Street Cafe & Catering, I was pleasantly surprised at the response we received from the uCoupon Book. In addition to redeeming many uCoupons, many of our new customers said they simply saw the color photo of our pork tenderloin sandwich and reacted to it.Thanks to uCoupon for this cost effective means of advertising!

1st Street Café




I would like to thank the uCoupon Book for expanding to our area here in Manatee County last year. Jersey Mike's has had a tremendous response from our ads that are published each month in the uCoupon Book. I especially love the fact that the books are in full color. Customers tell us that our ads really "pop out" at them. The uCoupon Book team members are always so efficient and willing to help out in whatever is needed. It's quite refreshing to still see face to face customer service from all the members of uCoupon Book. With their very reasonable rates, it just makes good business sense that I will continue to advertise in the uCoupon Book of Manatee. Thank you for the continued success the uCoupon Book brings to us on a daily basis.

Patrick George,

Jersey Mike's



My name is Guy, owner of Guys Tobacco on 14th Street. I had been advertising in another coupon book for over 3 years. Recently, the uCoupon Book arrived; it is full color and I gave it a try for 3 months. Now I have switched, and I can't believe how much better we are doing. We are up around 38% over the other book and that was just the 1st month. The 2nd month I was up over 47%. Also my customers love the color and its impact and eye appeal.

Guy, Owner

Guy's Tobacco



The key to generating both new and return business is in advertising, both print and word of mouth. Gary's Auto Repair Service, Inc. does a lot of advertising and month after month our greatest response comes from advertising in uCoupon Book of Sarasota. Please shop with their advertisers and for your advertising needs. We highly recommend uCoupon.

Marie Huskins, Owner

Gary's Auto Repair Service, Inc.



uCoupon has made the difference of being busy to being booked. Our business has been able to grow a substantial amount thanks to uCoupon. We started with a 1/4 page ad, for $27 a week and let it self-support itself up to a full page. On behalf of everyone at Dominic's Automotive Group, Inc., I would like to thank uCoupon for all our success. We couldn't have done it without you.

Dominic Shaffer, Owner

Dominic's Automotive, Inc.

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