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May 8, 2020

Though Original Medicare pays for many services, it doesn’t pay for everything. Medicare Advantage Plans are available for Medicare Eligible to help you with the things that aren’t covered.

Prescription drugs are not covered by Original Medicare, but a Prescription Drug (Part D) Plan can help you save money on your prescription drugs. A Medicare Advantage Plan with Drug Coverage can too.

Original Medicare will only pay 80 percent of the cost of doctor visits. With a Medicare Advantage plan you will pay a small copay for doctor visits.

Original Medicare will only pay a certain amount per day for hospital stays up to 150 days. With Medicare Advantage you will usually pay a lower copay per day for hospital stays.

Medicare doesn’t cover regular vision exams, eyeglasses or contacts and it also doesn’t cover most dental care. But many of our Medicare Advantage Plans offer vision, dental and hearing coverage.


  • Are you enrolled in Original Medicare (Parts A and B)?

  • Do you want the simplicity of fewer bills to pay?

  • Wouldn’t you like to keep premiums and copays as low as possible?

  • Do you want to combine medical and prescription coverage in one easy plan?

  • Don’t you want access to benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t cover like extra dental and vision?

Medicare Advantage Part C Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans work like traditional HMOs and PPOs. You may already be familiar with these types of plans. We also offer Special Needs plans for those who qualify with a chronic illness as well as both Medicare and Medicaid. All our Medicare Advantage Plans come with preventive care benefits to help keep you healthy and on the go.



With Freedom HealthCare’s HMOs, you benefit from our leading network of HMO doctors and care providers. You’ll save on monthly premiums with rates as low as $0 and save on doctor visits, too. On an HMO plan, you’ll choose a primary care physician (PCP) who you’ll see for all your check-ups and regular exams. Your PCP also directs you to the right specialists when you need them.


Freedom Health’s SNP/Dual Eligible plans (DSNP/CSNP) are specifically designed for people with a chronic illness or both Medicare and Medicaid. Special Needs Plans are there to help you manage your health or health conditions. They’re HMO plans with prescription drug coverage that’s included. So, you’ll get Medicare coverage and prescription drug coverage, plus lots of extra benefits to help keep you healthy. These plans also have premiums for $0 with no medical copays or deductibles.


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